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When we receive your letter, our personal will translate your letter into Spanish and then call the lady you have chosen and read the letter to her after we explained to her what this is all about.

She then can answer you directly by giving us her verbal response, which we then send back to your e mail address translated into English or German.

If eventually you are interested in meeting the lady in person. At least 3 letters will have to be exchanged between her and you, only then will we ask her permission to give you her Contact information, there is no extra charge for that.

There is a fee of $19.99 per letter send and answer received,however that also includes the translation of the letters both ways.

The letter translation and delivery system allows you to quickly send your letter to any Lady in the Dominican Republic. This service does not depend on her having internet access, nor you having to know Spanish to communicate with her.
letter translations By using our letter translation and delivery system, your letters will reach the lady in just a matter of a few days. Our service is the answer to many problems encountered when trying to communicate with a lady here:
  • A postal system that is very limited
  • Ladies that do not have access to email.
  • Ladies that might have emails, but no time nor money to access the internet on a regular basis
  • Language barriers on both sides
letter translations
letter translations Steps in the process are:
  • Once the order is complete, you will receive an email with a link to a page where you can upload your letter. We suggest to write your letter out and then copy and paste to help make the process go faster.
  • Once your letter is received at our head office, our translators will translate your letter from English or German into Spanish and we then notify the lady that a letter has arrived for her.
  • Her reply is then sent to our translators, translated back into English or German and then forwarded to the email address associated with the order.
1 Page Letter Translation, Delivery and Reply
(Up to 2,000 characters including spaces)
When consuming a service, there is always a question on the value of that service. Keep this in mind, for the most part, the postal system does not work here, so a person needs to use an express service (UPS or FEDEX) to guarantee delivery.

It will cost about $50 US to send a letter one way from the US to Santiago. At $19,99 you can send a 1 page letter and get a reply, all for less than the cost of a 1 way letter using an courier service, and that service does not include translations going in both directions.

Unlike express service, if the letter is undeliverable or the lady is already in a committed relationship, we will allow you to pick another lady or refund your order. Let's see them match that level of service!
letter translations
  • Please allow up to a week for delivery as it is not uncommon for cell services to be down, lady's work schedule conflicts, transportation problems just to name a few things that can hold up the process.
  • If they lady you pick is not available you can either pick another lady or get a refund on your order.
  • We cannot guarantee that the lady will be interested in replying, however we have had a pretty high success rate in them answering the guys.

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