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Phone Support Latinas in Love

Lately we have had a lot of problems with clients calling ladies in the middle of the night. Calling us at midnight with questions. We do not have a problem supporting our clients, however we ask that they respect both our rights and those of the ladies. Calling a lady at 2 AM will make an impression, but not the one you might be hoping for.

Below is a time zone map. We have circled the Dominican Republic for those that might not know where we are located. We are located in the Atlantic Standard Zone.

Note that many countries located in the tropics, we do not observe daylight savings time. So when the USA is on daylight savings time we will be the same time as New York or Miami. When the USA is NOT on daylight savings time then we are 1 hour ahead of NYC and Miami.

Again we welcome your calls and wish to help you in any way possible. We only ask that you call during our office hours, and call the ladies prior to 9:30 at night.

Our Office hours are:
Mon to Fri
10 AM to 4 PM
Eastern Time
10 AM to 1 PM
Eastern Time

We can be reached at 305-677-9467

Snail mail
Dieter mertes
57000 Puerto Plata
Calle 1 casa 9
Dominican Republic

Due to the extended blackouts we are experiencing at this time, please send us an email with your phone number and we will call you back as soon as we have power.

If you require assistance outside these hours then drop us an email at We check our emails often and reply as soon as possible.

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