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One On One Introductions      5 Day Romance Tour      

We believe that our Clients want to learn as what to do and what not to do while visiting the Dominican Republic.

Do they?

I don't think so.
Nearly daily we talk to on line visitors by chat phone or e mail and many say I have been there once or twice or more and I know what's going on...No you don't!
I personally lived here for over 20 years and I am still learning everyday.

The majority of people coming here think this is a small island, yes compared to Australia it is,
but compared to Jamaica or the Bahamas its a huge island.

Case 1
Client JA. arrived from Philadelphia in Santo Domingo to meet a girl in Santiago
Airport pick up was arranged and on we went to Santo Domingo.
Santiago-Santo Domingo back to Santiago is a 6 hour round trip by car if one does not get stuck in Traffic.
We left Santiago at 10 am and got back to Santiago at 6.30 pm that trip took 8.5 hours. The client met the girl and ok now lets go back to Santo Domingo because I have an all inclusive hotel there.
I be back tomorrow and then again on Sunday.
Now the client is here for 3.5 days and he wanted to spend US$125.00 each way by taxi to drive back and forth between Santiago and Santo Domingo just because he had booked a hotel on the beach.
$750.00 in taxis in 3 days. Crazy? Yes I think so.

In the end they came to a BBQ at my house where a lot of things where explained to him, he met some other clients and people that lived here for a long time. JA is now married and she will be living with him soon

Case 2
Client RM bought a ticket to fly to Santiago and the booking agency booked him onto a Spirit flight to Santo Domingo.
He send me the flight info to pick him up at the airport in Santiago local time 7.36 pm. I checked there was no spirit flight arriving in Santiago but in Santo Domingo. Many phone calls later he was able to change his ticket to Santiago at an additional cost of $200.00. If I would not have checked, he would have been stuck in Santo Domingo and it would have cost him a lot more then $200.00 never mind losing 2 days of his visit being stuck in a hotel room and extra traveling time. That is the reason we always ask to get a copy of the flight itinerary so that we can double check and are able to see online if our Clients arrive on time and we don't have to waste time waiting for the Plane to arrive.

Case 3
Client JM. buys an address of one of our ladies. Books a flight, books a hotel arrives in the DR takes a taxi to the hotel ends up paying to much for the hotel and the taxi, he is a tourist after all and tourist are open season.
The next day he calls a Taxi and has the driver take him to her House
Surprise surprise she wasn't home. Obviously he didn't think that she might have a job and was at work.
So back again with taxi later that day, she was home and she opened the door and asked him who are you?
After a long discussion with much body language and the help of neighbors who spoke a little English she finally understood.
She asked him very politely to leave and why did he not a call her in advance or use us to meet her?
He left very disappointed and in the end blamed us and demanded that we remove her from our website.

Sorry that is not going to happen, If he would have booked a One on one tour with us he would have saved hundreds of dollars on his visit and we would have done the introductions.

Because of Clients like JM. we decided never to give out the complete address of the girls.
Phone numbers and e mail addresses yes.

Case 4
KL comes to  Santiago to meet Ana, he made ​​some phone calls with her before arriving using one of Ana's friends as a translator to save money by not having to pay us. He meets here in Santiago and with the help of the "girlfriend" who works as a translator for them they like each and decide to start a relationship.
Again back in the U.S. KL keeps in touch with Ana with the help of Ana’s girlfriend and they come to an agreement that KL will send Ana send $ 200 every month to help with her living expenses.

Explains the "girlfriend" to KL he must send the money to her because Ana has no Cedulla the local DR Id card (women are not registered on our site without a Cedulla).
So KL sends the "girlfriend" $200 every month for Ana (about 7600 pesos) but Ana only received 5,000 pesos from her Girlfriend. After 4 months KL and Ana agree that the next Time KL will visit that they should get married.
Then comes the news that Ana has found a better home where he can spend time with Ana during his visits.
The Girlfriend says that Ana would need 17.000 pesos to move into the house and that Ana’s Cell phone is broken and she desperately needs a new one.
So KL sends $700.00 by western union to the Girlfriend, she picks up the money and disappears.
Shortly after KL arrives in the DR to find Ana still living in the same apartment. KL feels betrayed and ends the relationship with Ana and marriage was no longer mentioned.
Now Ana turns to us to find out what’s wrong with KL. That’s when she finds out that her girlfriend has used her to steal nearly $1200.00 from her over the past 5 months.

If KL would have used our services he might have paid $150.00 for the phone calls with Ana over the 4 month period, he might have paid $250.00 to meet her with a One On One Introduction but he would have saved over  $1000.00 he send to the Girlfriend
If it was not for that, KL and Ana might be married today.

Case 5
SD paid for three 3-way call. First Jeudy from San Juan de la Maguana. Rebecca from Santo Domingo and Angela from Santiago. As we make the calls SD tells them all that he would be visiting in May and like to meet them all. They all agree to meet him in person.
SD then wanted to book a One on One Introduction to meet those 3 ladies. SD expected the ladies to meet him in Santiago.
When we pointed out to him that  we don’t think that some of the girls would do that, the girl from san Juan would have to spend at least 12 hours on a Bus on a roundtrip to meet him
SD says well then we drive from Santiago to Santo Domingo meet Rebecca then drive to san Juan to meet Jeudy and then come back to Santiago all in one day. Again we told him it just not possible to do all that in1day, especially not for the US250.00 we charge for the service, since gasoline alone would be more than $250.00 for the trip. Not to mention food and hotel.
(gasoline at time of writing is nearly $6.00 per gallon)
His answer was I guess you don’t feel like working for your money.

SD went on alone to meet those 3 Ladies.
It took him 4 days after spending $400.00 for a taxi to san Juan, then onto to Santo Domingo and Santiago for another $300.00 in taxi and Bus fares. He also found a translator in the Internet who came along for the 4 days trip and charged him $400.00 plus expenses like food drinks and hotel.
SD went back to the US and firmly believes that he did everything better then we could have done for him.

Everybody is happy.
Angela liked the Translator and now lives with him. Jeudy got a new Blackberry phone from SD since her old Alcatel was not good enough. She has a new phone number and forgot to give that to SD. Angela was told by the translator that SD is meeting other women in the DR and walked away from the meeting.

Case 6
AT has a gold membership on our website and with that access to our ladies e mail addresses and phone numbers. He contacts many of our ladies and exchanges phone calls with them and the decides to finally come and visit. He books a room at a sleazy Hotel in Sosua very well known for being a very girl friendly hotel, meaning Prostitutes walking in and out of that hotel all hours of the day.

Again he calls the Ladies he likes to meet and invites them to come to Sosua to stay with him.
Not a single one showed up and all of them stopped talking to him

Of course he is disappointed and in the end we are to blame that the ladies decided not to visit him
As most people do not realize the reputation Sosua has, they go there because the rooms are cheaper then in most parts of the country, it is close to an airport and it has a beach.

Trying to save money in the end turned out to be a waste of money because again another client thought he can do better without our help.

Case 7
JD calls girls on our site and asks them if they take it up the A..? One of the ladies he called then called us to ask what to do with this guy. She only had a first name and his phone number was blocked. As in similar situations like this we told her if he does call back be polite and agree to meet him and the let us know and we handle it. She did just that when he called back only she didn't tell us but she took 2 of her brothers along with her.
I don't think I have to mention here what happen to JD.


We have many hundreds of stories like the ones above from the 12 years we are in business. Maybe you can learn from this and decide yourself what's best for you to meet our ladies


One On One Introductions    5 Day  Romance Tour    

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